If you would like to get a quote on various types of Commercial insurance simply click the link below or please contact us at 847-398-7608 or email saisiins@aol.com.  Listed below are several of the types of commercial insurance we SPECIALIZE in.

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Apartment Buildings and Commercial Real estate

Some buildings and complexes are inadequately protected in the event of a fire or other insurable disaster.  Such coverage shortages adversely impact a landlord’s ability to repair, rebuild, refurnish, to collect rents, and more.  This inadequacy disrupts your life and those of your tenants.  Simply put, it’s important for us to get together.  As a team, we can work to ensure that your properties carry ample protection at an affordable premium.  We’ll double-check your insurable values, including building limits, furnishings, rental income coverage, liability, and more.  After all, property appreciation and continuous rent checks are vital to the success of every landlord.


The success of any restaurant depends upon its location, concept, food, and service.  The special combination of these elements is what makes your operation unique.  And you deserve an insurance program that’s equally distinctive. Fire, mechanical breakdown, employee theft, robbery, and more impact a restaurant’s survivability.   Is your current agent on top of these issues?  Or, are you getting fish stick service at a lobster price? Let’s talk about better protecting your restaurant with a deliciously priced package provided by a top-rated insurer.  

Retail & Service industries

Retail success is all about traffic, whether it comes from people walking through your door or interacting with you via your website, social media, mobile app or another online avenue. You must make certain your business insurance program fulfills key coverage needs both offline and on. I can help you to explore your options. Serving the public face-to-face – and online 24/7 – brings with it both risks and rewards. The rewards you know well, but the risks can be troublesome – especially if your operation is underinsured.  Don’t endanger your business with inadequate insurance.  Every retailer deserves to sleep well at night, whether they own one location or a chain. Let’s get together to better protect your operation, including such vitals as your property, liability, earnings, data breach, ecommerce, social media, theft, plate glass, signage, and more.  You work long, hard hours to earn your money and I want you to keep as much of it as you can.  

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is mandatory insurance, but that doesn’t mean that you should buy it from just any agency.  It’s easy to overpay for this complicated policy, especially if your current agent isn’t entirely aware of its expensive twists and turns.  Sometimes, there are savings to be found.  Let’s explore for hidden credits by reviewing your present policy to see if it is properly classified, uses the right payrolls, correctly calculates your experience modification, and more.  Plus, we can check over your last policy audit bill as well.