Condominium Association Quote Request

Complete the following information if you would like to obtain a quote. Please understand this is not an application. An application will be sent to you if coverage is desired.

Association Information
Association Physical Address
Association Physical Address
Please list the address of one buildings in the Condo Association we need a physical address to start the quote.
Are smoke alarms installed and operational in each unit and hallway?
Do any of the buildings have interior stairwells?
Are the interior stairwells equipped with fire doors with automatic closing doors on each floor?
Are there any wood burning stoves in the units or common areas? (Wood burning stoves do not include wood burning fireplaces)
Are there security bars on the windows?
Does the spacing of the railing of the balcony or staircase exceed 4 inches?
Are there any saunas or steam rooms at any location insured by this policy?
Are there any athletic courts (i.e. tennis, basketball, squash courts) at any location insured on this policy?
Are there any ponds or private lakes or streams owned or maintained by the Applicant in proximity to or within the insured premises?
Is there a greenbelt located on or next to an insured premises?
A Greenbelt is a belt of recreational parks or walkways that surround or weave through a community.
Are there any roads maintained or owned by the applicant within the insured premises?
Has the business had an incident which resulted in an allegation of sexual abuse or molestation?
Does Combined Building, Unit Owners' Coverage and Contents exceed $25,000,000 at any one building?